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Program "Furshet"
Furshet -program designed and builds to fit the needs of the restaurants, bars and other public companies required in fast, easy operated, stable database and report tools.
With our program you'll keep in control all your employers activities, sell process and total stock control.

Program included 3 modules:
"Manager" -working space for organization's manager;
"Report Furshet" -report and analyzing tool;
"Waiter + Cashier" -block for waiters and cash-receive operations (in case of operating Cash Register can be exchange for "Cash Register" module).

Module "Manager"
To increase
Module "Manager" you'll able to add group of the products, prices, charges, quantity; recipe database with calculation of the sell price; place of the dish preparation (kitchen, bar).
Also module will have full restricted options for the dishes unavailable in real time at the kitchen.

Module "Waiter + Cashier"
To increaseWaiter
Use this module to identify the waiter by password, open the order, add or remove dish to order, send order to the department (Kitchen or bar) and print the invoice.

To increaseCashier

You'll need only one computer for all waiters. Only cashier will add data in program.
Waiter will bring to cashier the paper order with his name, table number, and order number and later on only bring the dish to the client.
Cashier selecting the waiter name, table number adding the order and sending it to the printers at the kitchen or at the bar. Information about the waiter included in the order.
At the moment of payment cashier will print the invoice with waiter name and sum. Waiter will bring the money to cashier.

Module "Reports"
To increaseTo increase
Module "Report" you'll use to create reports and diagrams to see the details about all functions of your restaurant, numbers and prices of the dishes, used and available products in stock and total balance.
Also you'll able to see color diagrams which will help you to analyze the business of your company.

More detailed description of a program can be taken here

Cost includes registration of one module "Waiter". The registration of each additional module "Waiter" makes 30 % from cost.



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