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To increase Game Inspector -program designed and builds to fit the needs of the computer halls, required in fast, easy operated, stable database and report tools.
With our program you'll keep in control all your employers and computers activities. The program fixes sessions of computers and blocks work of computers with expired the session time.. Besides, Game Inspector forms the reports about work of computers and payments.

Program included 3 modules:
" GO Server "-working space for manager;
" GO Client " - small resident program for customer computers;
" GO Boss " - report and analyzing tool;
" GO Shell " - add module to replace Explorer Windows.

Requests to a firmware

All computers of a hall should be incorporated in a local network. The protocol TCP/IP is used.
The manager computer - Windows 9x, 2000, NT, XP.
The customer computers - Windows 9x.
The amount of customer computers is not limited ( only 2 in the nonregistered version).

" GO Server " - module of the manager:
--- to signal the manager about a current condition of each computer (is connected, is not connected, is free, occupied, the time has left , is notified), about time of a beginning and termination of each session and about stayed up to an extremity of a session of time, about the tariff of a current session, about time before clearing the nearest computer, about games and programs installed on this computer;
--- to select, add and inspect time, assigned to each customer, with indication of residual of time, tariff and sum;
--- to beep the customer for the end time;
--- to signal the manager about the expiration of time of the customer and to block monitor of the customer;
--- to switch on the monitor of the customer on a command To release the computer ;
--- to realize selective and group remote control by customer computers from manager computer (command To suspend, To continue, To switch off, Reboot);
--- to record information about sessions of computers, tariffs, types of the tariffs and sums for each session.

" GO Client " - small resident module obediently performing a commands of "GO Server".
Automatically started on customer computer and connected with the server.

" GO Boss " - module you'll use to create reports to see the details about work of computers.

" GO Shell " - module for replace Explorer Windows on the shell with a hall title, start game buttons. Prohibits to the users access to folders of the computer, tunings and other not allowed parameters.

Cost = 10$ for 1 customer computer

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