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The program " Phone Inspector " is designed and builds for audit and the job rating of calls which are taking place through PBX of offices or hotels.

" Phone Inspector ":
- Issues more 250 reports, allowing to make the detailed analysis of the most thin nuances of telephone streams of the enterprise;
- Correctly works with anyone PBX - from smallest on 8 ports up to Meridian and Definity with hundreds internal users;
- Is simple in installation and use;
- Has a small size of the installer (only 3,5 MB), that allows to receive of updating through the Internet and to have always last version.

The informations on installation of a system are indicated in there

Requests to a firmware

- Office PBX with the plug RS-232
- Computer with Windows 9x/2000 or Windows NT, XP.

Fixed and analyzed data for phone calls:

- Date, time, duration;
- Number of the internal phone
- Customer surname;
- The customer group (enterprise, subdividing, leaser etc.);
To increase - Call Type (urban, input, suburban, interurban, international, mobile, IP-telephony);
- Call Region (country and city in the world);
- The partner (title of organization and - or a surname of the person, whom a call was made );
- Telephone number of the partner for outgoing and input (for ISDN) calls;
- Number of the external phone line, through which call has passed;
- Call Cost under the tariff, given by you.

All these datas are noted in a data base at once after call completion, and can be analysed immediately.

Sample of an information for the reports

You can create the reports and analyses for calls with variety of details. It can be Report for period or Detailed report. All reports can be printed or stored in files. All reports can be filtered by date and time.

To increase Detailed report will give you opportunity to get and analyze the information by any of the top listed parameters.
For example, it is possible to receive the report such as " who, when also to whom called in Canada in March through a line 269-74-80 ";
Or, " as the calls of the users (or groups) on date and time of day in these dates " are distributed;
Or, " what phones or the lines are more loaded on input or outgoing calls in different days and time of day ";
Or, " who and where calls from office after 18.00 on intercity more than 15 minutes " etc.
Thus, Detailed report will give you opportunity to get a complete information about a concrete call or group of calls with the indication of date, time, duration, telephone etc.

Report for period will give you opportunity to get statistical samples of a kind:
To increase - Total (total of calls - duration - sum);
- On regions (region - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On the customer (customer - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On dates (date - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On groups (group - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On time of day (hour - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On calls type (type - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On lines (line - amount of calls - duration - sum);
- On lines for input calls (line - amount of calls - duration - sum);

Thus, Report for period will give you information for validation of the invoices your phone company and distribution of the costs to between the customers or groups. Also it is possible to evaluate activity of the users or groups on an amount of the made calls, on regions, on dates and on time. For optimization of loading of phone lines information on external lines PBX (outgoing and input calls) is important.
Reports is possible both in text To increase, and in a graphic kind To increase

To increase In a program database items and tariffs are firmware. You can enter the your tariffs or change existing (for example, in hotels).

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